Sunday, January 02, 2005

Dr. Seyyed Ataollah Mohajerani - CV

Dr: "Dr. Seyyed Ataollah Mohajerani

Born in Arak, Iran, 1954
Married to Ms. Jamileh Kadivar
(Author, journalist and Sixth Majlis deputy from Tehran)

Academic Degrees

1. BA in History, Isfahan University (1977) – graduated top student
2. MA in Iranian History and Culture, Shiraz University (1983) - graduated top student
3. PhD in History, Teacher Training University (1996)
4. Honorary Doctorate, Dushanbe University - Tajikistan (1994)

Familiar with English, Arabic and Urdu languages

Executive background

Islamic Parliament Deputy (1980 - 1984) Member of temporary and permanent presiding board
Head of Trade Commission
Deputy Head of the for Foreign Affairs
Head of the News and Information Committee of Defense Commission
IRI Cultural Attaché to Pakistan (1984 - 1985)
Deputy prime minister for legal and parliamentary affairs (1985 - 1989)
Vice president for legal and parliamentary affairs (1989 - 1997)
Member of policy making council of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (I.R.I.B), appointed by the Spiritual Leader of IRI (1992 - 1994)
Deputy head of the "Center for Strategic Studies" in charge of social-cultural affairs (1992 - 1997)
Head of the committee for supporting the Islamic Revolution of Palestine (1990 - 1997)
Member of the High Council of Policy-making for Governmental Propaganda (1994 - present)
Member of Board of Trustees for the Great Farsi (Persian) Encyclopedia (1992 - present)
Member of Farabi Foundation's Board of Trustees (1989 - 1994)
Member of IRNA's Board of Trustees (1989 - 1993)
Member of Press Jury (1990 - 1994)
Member of Board of Trustees for the Southern Universities (1995 - present)
Member of Board of Trustees of University of Medical Science, Arak (1991 - present)
Member of Scientific Board for the Center of the Great Islamic Encyclopedia (1994 - present)
Member of Scientific Board of the Teacher Training University (1991 - present)
Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance (1997 - 2000)
Speaker of Cabinet (1997 - 2000)
Advisor to the IRI President
President of the International Centre for Dialogue Among Civilizations (2000-2003)
A Critique on the Machination of Satanic Verses (1989 - 20th edition 2000)
(This book has been translated into English in 1992 by Abdulhassan Quds Sharifi and published by Alhoda Publications in Tehran; and also into Arabic in 1993, published by Dar ol Vasilah Publications in Beirut, Lebanon)

The Harm of Wind (1990 - 2nd edition 1992)

Messenger of Ashura (1992 - 3rd edition 1992)

Epic of Ferdowsi (1993)

Revolution of Ashura (1995 - 2nd edition 1996)

Salman-e-Farsi (1996)

Story of Nima (1996)

Interpellation (7th edition 1999)

The story still goes on... (2000)

*All the above titled are published by Ettelaat Publications

Writings soon to be published

The Jewel of Prayer

Two Mirrors: Arafat and Ashura

The Better Tomorrow (An analysis and critique on the 7th presidential election of IRI)

Press Activities

Cooperation with Ettelaat daily journal (1981 - present)

Editor in Chief of Rahbord quarterly (1992 - 1997)

Concessionaire and Director in charge of Bahman weekly (1995 - 1996)"